Heroes and Heroines Live Action Roleplay (Larp/LRP)

A UK Live Roleplaying Group Based in The West Midlands

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Heroes and Heroines Live Action Roleplaying Events

Listed below are the confirmed Live Roleplay events for this year

Working Title. Mission sponsored by High Staus group.
Referee: Jem
Rank: Mid
Cost: �90 (�70 For Members)
Date: Fri 23 Jun - Sun 25 Jun 2023
Location: Rough Close
Attendance: Players: 7 Monsters: 8 Referees: 1 Total: 16
After the last interaction with the White Citadel relationships have been closed and the Pale Duke has made an example of those who would... Read More
Referee: Alex
Rank: Low
Cost: �90 (�70 For Members)
Date: Fri 28 Jul - Sun 30 Jul 2023
Location: Consall Scout camp Pointon
Attendance: Players: 11 Monsters: 3 Referees: Total: 14
Recent reports of trans-planar travel have raised concerns from the guilds. A group of brave volunteers is needed to carry out... Read More
Referee: m!g
Rank: Mid
Cost: £90 (£70 For Members)
Date: Fri 22 Sep - Sun 24 Sep 2023
Location: Polyapes Scout Camp
Attendance: Players: 8 Monsters: 4 Referees: 1 Total: 13
No pressure...
Referee: Jem
Rank: High
Cost: �90 (�70 For Members)
Date: Fri 27 Oct - Sun 29 Oct 2023
Location: Rough Close
Attendance: Players: 3 Monsters: 3 Referees: 1 Total: 7
Referee: David McDonald
Rank: Low
Cost: £90 (£70 For Members)
Date: Fri 17 Nov - Sun 19 Nov 2023
Location: Sandiways: Begg
Attendance: Players: 6 Monsters: 2 Referees: 1 Total: 9
Puppetmaster has learned it is customary to provide invitations and hospitality at Solstice time. As such, they would like to invite... Read More
Referee: Gavin
Rank: Any
Cost: �90 (�70 For Members)
Date: Fri 08 Dec - Sun 10 Dec 2023
Location: Consall Scout Camp Gibson
Attendance: Players: 8 Monsters: 2 Referees: Total: 10