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Liches Get Stitches

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Fri 27 Apr - Sun 29 Apr 2018

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The grizzled veteran Legionnaire stands before a silent room, the air thick with resentment and the smell of years of clotted blood hanging in the air. His one remaining eye appraises the room with the steely efficiency that only decades of loyal military service can drill into a person. After weighing the souls and consciences of everybody before him, he nods approvingly and speaks in a voice which simultaneously brings up images of gravel and deep water filled caves:

“There’s a lot to be said for the enthusiasm and strength which youth brings. That eternal optimism which allows teams of young men and women to commit atrocities in the field for days at a time without stopping to think about the danger they are in or the lives they cut short. Armies are built on the naive belief in indestructibility which youth brings, and the fields where we remember our fallen are buttressed by the lies we tell them to keep them that way”

There is a chorus of uncomfortable shifting as his audience modify their body language in ways unseen in the darkness. He continues:

“The Lich has been a menace to The Protectorate for decades, and his menace is growing with every day that passes. He’s not getting any older, his bones do not ache and he does not become weaker as time passes like we do. He merely gets stronger, and his plans get deeper and more deadly as time draws us mortals towards the grave. There will never be a good time to take on this most deadly enemy, but why allow him to get stronger so he can threaten us more?”

His eye scans the room once more before he concludes:

“The Lich cannot be defeated by the vibrant dreams of youth, for he is too old and too knowledgeable to be laid low by speed and strength alone. Neither can he be defeated by the cunning and experience that age brings for he is strong and fast beyond anything we have seen before. Only by assembling an elite force of our most experienced veterans and our most promising young auxiliaries to work together can we hope to bring down The Protectorate’s most feared enemy.” He pauses for a moment before his last phrase echoes across the room “Because whether you’re a bright young auxiliary or a grizzled veteran, we all promised ourselves, we’re gonna die for something that counts… And this is it… The Lich is a threat which must be brought down… Word on the street is, Liches… Get… Stitches...”

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Shining Cliff Hostel Jackass Lane Ambergate Derbyshire

This venue is a Hostel

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Travel light! You can't take cars up to the hostel so you have to carry everything down the dirt path. Just make sure you've got easy access to your walking boots for the trek.

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