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Customs and Exorcise

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Thu 14 Jul - Thu 29 Sep 2022

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Trainee/Low 0-20

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Customs and Exorcise - An online event on Thursday Evenings (whenever most participants can attend) open to Trainee and Low ranked characters.  

Over ten years ago The Cataclysm brought a huge part of the World of Eden to the World of Idenia, The Protectorate, like like everyone else had its shorelines ravaged by tumultuous tidal waves that erased whole settlements whilst elsewhere suddenly making inland areas into coastal ones.   

Since that time two Ports have risen to prominence along the Protectorate's new coastline.

Then first, Port Al Aqua in Clearwater, administered by the Halls of Power and enforced by Clearwater Militia (the Dark Sanctum's private army in all but name).  Is tightly regulated.  Overlooked by grand statues, guarded  by heavy ballistae, and the Protectorate Navy, funded by Iron League investment, its heavily scrutinised traders, patrolled and regulated shipping lanes and harbour deep enough for flagship vessels are all very impressive.  It has come to accept to lion's share of shipbound trade.

Further West along the coast however is a very different port.  Greystone Landing.     Once an inland slate quarry in the Wildwoods, now flooded to form an natural deep harbour it briefly became a hub for pirates that thrived in the initial chaos of Eden's arrival.    Now that order has been restored, this lawless settlement has been liberated, and fallen under the juristiction of The Fellowship of Axe and Sword.  Some people of Wildwoods, often stereotyped by other Protectorate Citizens for their moral flexibility, see no reason not to continue the more lucrative and insalubrious trades that sprung up whilst under the rule of pirates. 

The Thieftakers of the Mistwalkers have expressed their concerns about the existance of Pirates, Unlicenced Guilds, Necromantic or Hepathic Cults, highly narcotic teas, dangerous exotic animals and who knows what else flowing to the Protectorate via The WIldwoods.  Lord Protector Foxglove has decared in High Council that The Fellowship better regulate their town and privately insisted that they sponsor a group of trainee and low ranked Auxiliaries to explore and infiltrate the towns extensive underbelly and deal with any threats to the Protectorate's security.

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