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Auxiliaries and the Guilds

Many of the most important organisations within the Protectorate are guilds.  To become a member of a primary guild is to be provided with security, training, a job for life, and status within society.  

Trainee Auxiliaries are of great interest to the guilds.  This curious military unit of problem solvers, oddballs and misfits has historically produced exceptional individuals who go on to lead dazzling, if occasionally rather short careers.  Most unguilded auxiliaries are quickly 'snapped up' by one of the primary guilds.  Those who do not fit in, for whatever reason, will most likely find themselves in one of the secondary guilds.   Very few remain unguilded - a hard path to follow, as the unguilded must pay for all their training themselves.  ​​​​For in depth information on each of the guilds see the Guild Handbook.

There are 8 Guilds within the Protectorate, each one with representatives on the ruling council.  Very often it is one of the Guilds which sponsor a mission for the Auxiliaries.





Latest Guild News (08/21)

Guild Status News Resources (note: Auxilliaries must hand in all resources at the end of the event, players must provide their own phys reps)
Overall Situation in the Protectorate   With sleep in short supply and the nightmares strengthening law and order is slowly breaking down across the Protectorate. The only saving grace is that the Protectorates' enemies are similarly afflicted and the tentative truce between the powers of Eden seems to be holding in the face of the greater threat. The guilds are pouring their resources towards trying to find any knowledge or advantage on the enemy, even as their members slowly fray due to the ongoing mental assault.  
Corwyn's Legion Normal While the legion is enjoying a respite from the ever present assaults on the borders of the Protectorate, they are being called in to towns and cities across the land to help maintain civil law and order. As much of the focus of current operations is on information gathering the Legions resources are not being particularly taxed at the moment and so they are able to offer normal levels of support.

1xrestorative tea (5min ritual 48 life to all active participants) 

The Fellowship Waxing Strife* brings opportunities for the Fellowship, unrest in the streets is leading to the wealthy and powerful hiring extra muscle, which means the Fellowships coffers are particularly flush at present.

*No, not you personally Strife.
3xpoulitices 12 life, Loan of Sharpening stone (5 minutes sharpening weapon - next 8 blows do +1 rank of physical damage - 10 uses
The Mistwalkers Waning The Mistwalkers are stretched at the moment searching for Hepathic Portals and any other signs of the invasion, as well as scouring for rumours or hints to any Ai'Chen artifacts that could aid the cause.  The Thieftakers are overstretched dealing with lawlessness and Brother and Sister Mistwalkers from the other dens are being pulled in to help.  Further support at the moment for members is impossible. none
Pyramid of Light Waning The Powers of light are focussed on finding ways to block the nightmares, but sadly failing. In addition the hospitals are overrun with injuries from spontaneous fights and nightmare induced madness amongst the local populace, leaving their resources drained. none
Halls of Power Waning The Neutral powers are likewise devoting all their energies into supporting the healing efforts, or trying to balance the desecration of the material plane by the tears being caused by the portals.  There have been instances of wards around vital civilian and guild structures being circumvented by hepathic creatures who do not always seem to be affected by them.  The Neutral sphere is being beseached for guidance.  none
Dark Sanctum Waning The Dark Sanctum seers are desperately trying to find any information about the Hepathic invaders, and to keep an eye on the other nations, however the nightmares are interfering with their work and progress is both slow and resource intensive.   none
The Groves Waning The Groves are flat out trying to undo the destruction of nature caused by the imps and other Hepathic creatures pouring into this realm. Support for Auxiliaries is at a minimum. none
The University Normal The University is abuzz with researchers investigating the Ai'Chen artifacts brought back from the Haunted Hills. With teleport interference lessened the standing of the University, as well as a valuable income stream, has been restored and Auxiliaries can be supported as normal. 1 long durational mage armour, 3xlevel 4 scrolls