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Below are announcements made by The Lord Protector. The Lord Protector is in a privileged and trusted position, and is expected to rise above some of the petty squabbles, power-plays and politics which can sometimes characterise the guilds. Announcements from The Lord Protector are likely to be of the utmost importance, and can generally be relied upon to be truthful, unbiased, and balanced.

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13 Cortria, 8969 Ta
Greetings all. The Pyramid of light invites all who wish to come to their first festival to celebrate Summer Solstice in Theia's name. The Order... Read More
12 Cantria, 8968 Ta
We have received reports from our allies in Enchantica that the city of Magma is under siege. Yesterday Illurian incursions were sighted in the... Read More
12 Monsaba, 8968 Ta
It has been confirmed that New Spring has been raised to the ground by the Orc host that have been spreading west across the Neutral Zone. The... Read More
12 Vultria, 8968 Ta
Three days ago, on the cusp of midnight, the Dark Lord of Stygia, with the Lord of Crows in attendance, formally surrendered to the advance force of... Read More
11 Grusaba, 8967 Ta
As our large Island now passes the continent of Havdan upon the Ocean of this world, Idenia, we have had some greater contact with their main... Read More
11 Cantria, 8967 Ta
To all the citizens of the Protectorate: It has now turned out recent events in Darkwater and the massive troop movements in the Darklands are... Read More
11 Falenari, 8967 Ta
Whilst an overhaul of the new Dragon notes is nearing completion and production will shortly begin, we should remind everyone that economies in... Read More
11 Drasaba, 8967 Ta
This announcement has already been made to the rulers of each and every Province of the Protectorate, Iron League, Oakwoods and the... Read More
11 Monsaba, 8967 Ta
DARKLANDS Their Eastern coast has had two landings which were attacked and destroyed by forces from the Blackened Marches. One of the groups... Read More
11 Monsaba, 8967 Ta
As of midnight today, the various leaders of the recognised powers of this land have agreed a full treaty of co-operation and cessation of any... Read More
11 Lupria, 8967 Ta
Over the past few moons since the strange and terrible events at the Solstice celebration, we have noticed certain difficulties with those of our... Read More
10 Cetenari, 8966 Ta
...has changed. The wall of mist surrounds what has now become of our 'world' and only glimpses can be made through it. What all Countries... Read More
10 Grusaba, 8966 Ta
As you are all now painfully aware, access to the Spheres has been limited to Lay rank invocations. This means we have been _extremely_ limited in... Read More
10 Grusaba, 8966 Ta
Yesterday, the Circle of Lolth made an unprecedented decision: Two Houses of the Drow Nation have been sundered, with what few members of each... Read More
10 Grusaba, 8966 Ta
The High Pyromancer has been slain! Agents of the Secret Service have been working for some time to find an effective weapon against this powerful... Read More