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Welcome to the Heroes and Heroines Live Action Roleplaying news page.

This page contains in character news from the LRP world, and out of character news about our LARP club.

In character news can vary in its level of trustworthiness - Roughly speaking, 'Rumours' should be taken to be the kind of news that somebody told you at the pub, and may or may not be true. 'Reports' are written by characters, and while they are reviewed by the guilds, may be subject to a character's own prejudices, views and interpretation. They may also have been subjected to censorship and adjustment by the guilds. 'News Reports' are released by the guilds, and while generally factually correct, may also be subject to the prejudices and agendas of the various guilds. Announcements are released by The Lord Protector, and are generally the most trustworthy sources of information.

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25 Cortria, 8974 Ta
So like this is a Acolyte Hod of the ancient way reportin about our mission to the fae Forest. With me was Hierophant Idrissa, Rat Boy, Jack Dawkins,... Read More
29 Cygria, 8973 Ta
Having just spent every silver piece I could scrape together on having my swords made extra-shiny by The University’s finest weapon... Read More
31 Drasaba, 8973 Ta
Report to:  Lieutenant-General Olivia Mansfield, Shadyvale Keep. EYES ONLY. Please supply redacted information as possible to the Order of... Read More
29 Lupria, 8973 Ta
Post-mission report - Solomon - 23 Lupria 8973,Ta - personal report to The Sentinels of the Way   Precis: The fragment of Hepath which... Read More
7 Grusaba, 8972 Ta
(Again, written in the slightly wobbly hand of an acolyte who has been press-ganged into scribing for Strifey on threat of indeterminate bad stuff... Read More
4 Cygria, 8972 Ta
So we just got back from busting our balls in the Oakwoods border and I am looking forward to a good time in the Angels & Demons when we get... Read More
1 Cortria, 8972 Ta
Some of you may have been aware of the abduction of several auxiliaries whilst on a training mission a few weeks ago.  After a coordinated... Read More
26 Monsaba, 8972 Ta
Mission Report – Shattered Minds (21-23/4/17) Brief – To investigate and placate the individual that had become irate with interlopers... Read More
8 Lupria, 8972 Ta
Report by Sergeant Gummidge relating to the recent Dark Fey activity in Country Clearwater Summary It is with great satisfaction that I can... Read More
5 Lupria, 8972 Ta
Time off in Freefall Manor Ja. OK. So after a summer of various suicide missions I suggested to some ov ze auxiliaries in ze barracks zat maybe... Read More
5 Lupria, 8972 Ta
it was a complete success I led the mission into Stygian lands. In the manner of kings I appointed a fool to pretend he was in charge in case of... Read More
27 Vultria, 8972 Ta
Our Weekend in Stygia - A report by Jack Dawkins (dictated to the Mistwalkers Administration) Those present on the mission: Jack Dawkins... Read More
22 Vultria, 8972 Ta
Solstice with Queen Mab OK - so I haff been asked to write up exactly what happened last Solstice since there were riots in the streets because... Read More
19 Vultria, 8972 Ta
Going to Hell I am reporting back frrom ze latest suicide mission und I am pleased to say zat ve completed ze mission objectives, vich ver as... Read More
19 Vultria, 8972 Ta
Caiso'Tan Ve vere sent by Farakeen Al Aqua to Caiso'Tan to deliver a letter to a pretty trader kalled Ameera. Farakeen is such a nice und... Read More