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Welcome to the Heroes and Heroines Live Action Roleplaying news page.

This page contains in character news from the LRP world, and out of character news about our LARP club.

In character news can vary in its level of trustworthiness - Roughly speaking, 'Rumours' should be taken to be the kind of news that somebody told you at the pub, and may or may not be true. 'Reports' are written by characters, and while they are reviewed by the guilds, may be subject to a character's own prejudices, views and interpretation. They may also have been subjected to censorship and adjustment by the guilds. 'News Reports' are released by the guilds, and while generally factually correct, may also be subject to the prejudices and agendas of the various guilds. Announcements are released by The Lord Protector, and are generally the most trustworthy sources of information.

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19 Vultria, 8972 Ta
Ze Vitcheries In summary, ze trip to ze Vitcheries vas a total farce. Ze most junior group of Auxiliaries in ze Protektorate vas dragged togezer... Read More
17 Vultria, 8972 Ta
[Overheard conversation between two fairly drunk Orcs in Angels and Demons] 'Ere! I 'eard that Brian... Son of the Maw... And Muffy... Is... Read More
25 Lepria, 8972 Ta
Howdy, I don’t know rightly how I’m supposed to write one of these here things but ill give it my darndest attempt, as Grammy McCarthy... Read More
25 Lepria, 8972 Ta
Following the deaths of a number of civilians which resulted from the recent Protectorate Peacekeeping mission to The Oakwoods, Corporal Delco (the... Read More
6 Cetenari, 8971 Ta
...well, I 'eard that there's all sorts of things 'itting the ceiling over on the border of The Oakwoods! It were closed a couple o'... Read More
13 Grusaba, 8969 Ta
Protectorate Troops have been mobilised along with a group of soldiers from the Ironleague, along with our allies from Karisen and Caiso'Tan. They... Read More
13 Cygria, 8969 Ta
We will shortly be receiving Envoys from the Triumverate as well as the Oakwoods to discuss our current intervention in Havdan. This is a sensitive... Read More
13 Cortria, 8969 Ta
Greetings all. The Pyramid of light invites all who wish to come to their first festival to celebrate Summer Solstice in Theia's name. The Order... Read More
12 Cetenari, 8968 Ta
Sadly Lady Anita's blessing which she granted last Solstice enhancing the nature sphere thought the world has receded back to the grove where... Read More
12 Cantria, 8968 Ta
We have received reports from our allies in Enchantica that the city of Magma is under siege. Yesterday Illurian incursions were sighted in the... Read More
12 Drasaba, 8968 Ta
After the battle at Darkwater a large force led by Alundro marched North through Protectorate Lands on the advice of the Auxiliaries they were given... Read More
12 Cortria, 8968 Ta
After fighting within Darkwater the Illurians have moved north once more. They have been closely followed by another group of Illurians. Reports say... Read More
12 Pavria, 8968 Ta
The attacks in the North have ceased. The Illurians have not held their ground but have moved south and reached Darkwater. We have been moving troops... Read More
12 Pavria, 8968 Ta
The Illurian force has moved to the North East border of the Protectorate and the North West of the Oakwoods. The Provincial strike force has engaged... Read More
12 Monsaba, 8968 Ta
It has been confirmed that New Spring has been raised to the ground by the Orc host that have been spreading west across the Neutral Zone. The... Read More