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Welcome to the Heroes and Heroines Live Action Roleplaying news page.

This page contains in character news from the LRP world, and out of character news about our LARP club.

In character news can vary in its level of trustworthiness - Roughly speaking, 'Rumours' should be taken to be the kind of news that somebody told you at the pub, and may or may not be true. 'Reports' are written by characters, and while they are reviewed by the guilds, may be subject to a character's own prejudices, views and interpretation. They may also have been subjected to censorship and adjustment by the guilds. 'News Reports' are released by the guilds, and while generally factually correct, may also be subject to the prejudices and agendas of the various guilds. Announcements are released by The Lord Protector, and are generally the most trustworthy sources of information.

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11 Cortria, 8967 Ta
After recent reports of massacres in Darkwater, Shadyvale Keep authorities have re-examined the site of a massacre that occurred some three moons... Read More
11 Monsaba, 8967 Ta
DARKLANDS Their Eastern coast has had two landings which were attacked and destroyed by forces from the Blackened Marches. One of the groups... Read More
11 Monsaba, 8967 Ta
As of midnight today, the various leaders of the recognised powers of this land have agreed a full treaty of co-operation and cessation of any... Read More
11 Lupria, 8967 Ta
Since the weekend just gone, we have been receiving a lot of reports of Fey creatures known as Seelie and Unseelie literally 'appearing' throughout... Read More
11 Lupria, 8967 Ta
Over the past few moons since the strange and terrible events at the Solstice celebration, we have noticed certain difficulties with those of our... Read More
11 Vultria, 8967 Ta
Thanks to the sterling work of several Auxiliaries and agents of the Western League from the Iron League, corrupt elements of the influential Iron... Read More
10 Cetenari, 8966 Ta
...has changed. The wall of mist surrounds what has now become of our 'world' and only glimpses can be made through it. What all Countries... Read More
10 Grusaba, 8966 Ta
As you are all now painfully aware, access to the Spheres has been limited to Lay rank invocations. This means we have been _extremely_ limited in... Read More
10 Grusaba, 8966 Ta
Yesterday, the Circle of Lolth made an unprecedented decision: Two Houses of the Drow Nation have been sundered, with what few members of each... Read More
10 Grusaba, 8966 Ta
It is with heavy hearts and sombre countenance we bring you this horrific news: The Unified States is no more. Hundreds of Dwarves, our allies,... Read More
10 Grusaba, 8966 Ta
The High Pyromancer has been slain! Agents of the Secret Service have been working for some time to find an effective weapon against this powerful... Read More
10 Cygria, 8966 Ta
I bet they won't tell yer themselves, but 'ere is a snippet o' information yer all need ter know... "The remaining level of Arcane Magic has... Read More
10 Cygria, 8966 Ta
A massive group of Undead led by what seems to be a powerful source of Necromancy are tearing along the Deepfell border towards the remains of the... Read More
10 Cygria, 8966 Ta
The Empire of the Empty Throne has just sent two hundred of it's veteran House Guards to us in an attempt to ease the strain on local forces... Read More
10 Cantria, 8966 Ta
The Pale Duke has announced another edict as of today: "Forthwith, the Darklands Province of Stygia is under martial law and anyone found without... Read More