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Heroes and Heroines LARP News

Welcome to the Heroes and Heroines Live Action Roleplaying news page.

This page contains in character news from the LRP world, and out of character news about our LARP club.

In character news can vary in its level of trustworthiness - Roughly speaking, 'Rumours' should be taken to be the kind of news that somebody told you at the pub, and may or may not be true. 'Reports' are written by characters, and while they are reviewed by the guilds, may be subject to a character's own prejudices, views and interpretation. They may also have been subjected to censorship and adjustment by the guilds. 'News Reports' are released by the guilds, and while generally factually correct, may also be subject to the prejudices and agendas of the various guilds. Announcements are released by The Lord Protector, and are generally the most trustworthy sources of information.

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9 Cetenari, 8965 Ta
We knows a couple of important types has been huntin' fer a fourth fancy lookin' weapon fer their mantlepiece fer some time. We 'eard you'd worked... Read More
9 Cetenari, 8965 Ta
We have received a statement from the Head Heirophant of Deepfern: "Our thanks go to the members of the Protectorate for their assistance is... Read More
9 Grusaba, 8965 Ta
No news has reached us for many weeks now of the Guardian incursions into Darklands territory. It is assumed they achieved their objectives and... Read More
9 Grusaba, 8965 Ta
To all Citizens of the Protectorate: We apologise for the extreme delay in reporting the name of the new Lord Protector. This has been due to... Read More