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Below are news reports released by the various guilds which make up The Protectorate of The Rose. News reports can generally be relied upon to be truthful, but who's version of the truth is being presented can sometimes be open to interpretation. Certain guilds have sometimes been suspected of being somewhat creative with the truth in order to fulfill their own objectives...

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1 Cortria, 8972 Ta
Some of you may have been aware of the abduction of several auxiliaries whilst on a training mission a few weeks ago.  After a coordinated... Read More
25 Lepria, 8972 Ta
Following the deaths of a number of civilians which resulted from the recent Protectorate Peacekeeping mission to The Oakwoods, Corporal Delco (the... Read More
13 Grusaba, 8969 Ta
Protectorate Troops have been mobilised along with a group of soldiers from the Ironleague, along with our allies from Karisen and Caiso'Tan. They... Read More
13 Cygria, 8969 Ta
We will shortly be receiving Envoys from the Triumverate as well as the Oakwoods to discuss our current intervention in Havdan. This is a sensitive... Read More
12 Cetenari, 8968 Ta
Sadly Lady Anita's blessing which she granted last Solstice enhancing the nature sphere thought the world has receded back to the grove where... Read More
11 Cetenari, 8967 Ta
Greetings everyone! Happy Solstice to you all! Sadly, we have some news to bring you about our current economic situation; that many Guilds and... Read More
11 Vultria, 8967 Ta
Thanks to the sterling work of several Auxiliaries and agents of the Western League from the Iron League, corrupt elements of the influential Iron... Read More
10 Grusaba, 8966 Ta
It is with heavy hearts and sombre countenance we bring you this horrific news: The Unified States is no more. Hundreds of Dwarves, our allies,... Read More
10 Cygria, 8966 Ta
A massive group of Undead led by what seems to be a powerful source of Necromancy are tearing along the Deepfell border towards the remains of the... Read More
10 Cantria, 8966 Ta
The Pale Duke has announced another edict as of today: "Forthwith, the Darklands Province of Stygia is under martial law and anyone found without... Read More
10 Falenari, 8966 Ta
To all practitioners of Magic within the Protectorate: As of midnight two days ago, all Sorcerers capable of casting the highest level of Arcane... Read More
10 Falenari, 8966 Ta
We are now been able to confirm that the Guardians have moved forces into the Eastern and North-Eastern sections of the area known as the 'Neutral... Read More
10 Drasaba, 8966 Ta
The Darklands Ambassador has advised us that the Southern, South-Eastern and Eastern regions of the Haunted Lands are now covered by small battles... Read More
10 Monsaba, 8966 Ta
We are receiving reports of large numbers of Constructs and Elementals massing in central and northern Enchantica. The UU are looking into this but... Read More
10 Vultria, 8966 Ta
We have recently received news from our sources in the Iron League and the Darklands confirming the assassinations of the three following Provincial... Read More