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A UK Live Roleplaying Group Based in The West Midlands

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Below are a selection of reports, submitted by characters who have been out on missions. Reports are submitted to the character's guild, who read them thoroughly before they are released, so you can be sure of a certain level of trustworthiness. They are, however, subject to the opinions and values of the characters who write them, and are sometimes heavily edited or censored by the guilds before release to ensure that their contents are in line with what the guild thinks people should know...

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11 Cortria, 8967 Ta
After recent reports of massacres in Darkwater, Shadyvale Keep authorities have re-examined the site of a massacre that occurred some three moons... Read More
10 Cygria, 8966 Ta
The Empire of the Empty Throne has just sent two hundred of it's veteran House Guards to us in an attempt to ease the strain on local forces... Read More
10 Cortria, 8966 Ta
Reports are being received of three large bodies of 'troops' moving across the lands, heading towards what appears to be Stygia. A very large unit... Read More
10 Lupria, 8966 Ta
There has been a noted increase in travellers and outlying settlements being harassed by Dark Fey and troublesome sylvan creatures over the last... Read More