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Below are some of the in character rumours, which are floating round the taverns, dining halls, and houses of ill-repute throughout The Protectorate of The Rose. They are often based on third or fourth hand information which may or may not have been true before it was exaggerated by bards, beggars and drunkards of a variety of shapes and species. Rumours are among the least reliable available sources of information, but on occasion they have been found to have elements of truth, and can even lead to profound discoveries...

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17 Vultria, 8972 Ta
[Overheard conversation between two fairly drunk Orcs in Angels and Demons] 'Ere! I 'eard that Brian... Son of the Maw... And Muffy... Is... Read More
6 Cetenari, 8971 Ta
...well, I 'eard that there's all sorts of things 'itting the ceiling over on the border of The Oakwoods! It were closed a couple o'... Read More
11 Lupria, 8967 Ta
Since the weekend just gone, we have been receiving a lot of reports of Fey creatures known as Seelie and Unseelie literally 'appearing' throughout... Read More
10 Cygria, 8966 Ta
I bet they won't tell yer themselves, but 'ere is a snippet o' information yer all need ter know... "The remaining level of Arcane Magic has... Read More
9 Cetenari, 8965 Ta
We knows a couple of important types has been huntin' fer a fourth fancy lookin' weapon fer their mantlepiece fer some time. We 'eard you'd worked... Read More