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The Witching Hour - A report by Angel

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19 Vultria, 8972 Ta

Source: Angel

Ze Vitcheries
In summary, ze trip to ze Vitcheries vas a total farce.
Ze most junior group of Auxiliaries in ze Protektorate vas dragged togezer viz no proper preparation und sent by boat to vitness a ritual. Just to make sure ve vere in maximum danger, one of ze auxiliaries vas made of stone und veighed at least two zousand kilos…on ze way ve ate some wolves who ver trying to meet us.
Zis ritual vas nozing less zan ze elektion of ze most powerful Coven und zen ze merging of zis Coven into one supreme Vitch (Adara). All vitches are crazy (in a nice vay). So zis is vun verry crrazy vitch. I zink you get my point, Ja?
So after ze ozer two vitches slit zeir wrists und merge vis the supreme crrazy vitch (yes, a Coven is alvays made up of zree vitches) I am vitnessing ze following.
Oberon, Ze King of ze fairies turned up, gave Adara magik (und zen promptly demonstrated his ability to kontrol magikal kreatures). So does zis mean he kan now kontrol ze supreme vitch?
Ze Iron League turned up und gave Adara an item zat kast "Cure Mortal" zree times per day. (Zis group later attacked us und tried to kill us). So does zis mean zat all Iron Leaguers should be konsidered Kill On Sight?
Mister Zatcher from ze resistance group in Enchantica gave Adara a treaty. (Und somebody tried to kill Mister Zatcher - but ve stopped zem). So does zis mean ze vitches are at war with unser allies ze Enchantikans?
Und a rather large und underprepared group of Protektorate people tried to give Adara a bottle of poison (vich she gave back saying she did not need it). So does zis mean zat ze Vitches now should treat ze Protektorate viz ze kontempt it deserves for being such Dumkopfs?
Some good has kome of zis trip hovever. Ve brought back a dragon egg vich some of ze party vere trying to give to ze Supreme vitch. Kan you imagine ze prospekt of ze most powerful vitch in ze vorld sitting on top of a fire breazing dragon? Und zis vitch being kontrolled by a krazy fairy. No zank you!
Also, I have decided to join ze Sanktum, because at least zese guys send you to your death viz an ulterior motive not just out of stupidity.
Now please kan you give me my five dragons so zat I kan go und buy myself a kamel in Caisotan. I leave in a few days time.
Zanking you very much,