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Winter Solstice - A report by Angel

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Source: Angel

Solstice with Queen Mab

OK - so I haff been asked to write up exactly what happened last Solstice since there were riots in the streets because somebody removed The Angels & Demons into the Fae Realm. Apparently they cannot take my word for it that this happened by order of none other than Queen Mab herself. I haff to write a silly report...like I haff lots of spare time. Humph.

So there I was minding my own business talking to some people in ze bar when there was a small earthquake. This is not unusual I must say, we cater for all sorts and one of my best friends Twig is an Earth Wizard and he is always messing about. Then some dark sprites turned up und started flinging magic around. Yep, zis is quite normal too. Hey I am not racist, Ja? However, zey left ze door open und when I looked out we were surrounded by a big forest. Zis is NOT normal. Also later Da Coal turned up. Zis too is not normal because he has not been seen since attacking ze King of ze Iron League a while ago.

Anyvays, we find out from some magikal kreature zat ve haff to prepare a meal for queen Mab who is having a lovely party with thirteen dinners. Zis is going to be one long night I am thinking to myself. Fortunately we only haff to cook one meal. Small problem is zat all ze food has been left behind in the cellars so ve haff nothing to cook. Also, we haff no cooks because they hadn't come to work yet. Even Roger isn't here although he spends most ov his time doing shady deals and less time servicing ze customers. Fortunately ve haff lotts ov alcohol and we also have a little fir tree so all is not lost.

So we go visit ze fairy godmother (who is really sexy Ja!) und she tells us to go get some birds for food and allows us to choose between three cooks. We takes the Chef from ze Keep because he looks less creepy zan ze other two - one vas a wolf dressed up like an old woman. I wanted to choose him but he said he liked his food raw...verry strrange!

We then spent time getting decorations for ze bar und even more time chasing birds und ended up with a coakatrice, a peacock, a phoenix as well as some other birds. These were prepared by the cook and fed to everybody during the banquet where we entertained Queen Mab, her husband King Oberon, Puck the jester und other dignitaries by getting zem to play bonkers with us. Zis is a simple game from my childhood where you freeze your balls, tie zem up mit string und smash zem as hard as you kann against your opponent's frozen balls. Ze winner is ze person whose balls last ze longest. Simples.

Anyway. Ze queen vas really pleased und ze fairy godmother gave us all presents and zen we were allowed to go on a hunt…with us as the prey. After ze hunt we all went home and zat's when we found out about the rioting and the fact that somehow we had ze Lord Protector's chef working for ze Angels & Demons.

One last thing, my present was a bottle of schnapps zat never empties and it pours your favourite flavour of schnapps without you even haffing to tell it. So kome and try some next time you come to ze pub, Ja?