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Check, Mate - A report by Jack Dawkins

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27 Vultria, 8972 Ta

Source: Jack Dawkins

Our Weekend in Stygia - A report by Jack Dawkins (dictated to the Mistwalkers Administration)

Those present on the mission:

  • Jack Dawkins (Mistwalkers)
  • Idrissa (Circle of the Greatwoods)
  • Yaari Seren (Circle of the Greatwoods)
  • Muffy Richwood (Circle of the Greatwoods)
  • Bramble (Circle of the Greatwoods)
  • Copper (Circle of the Greatwoods)
  • Ursus Lawbane (Dark Temple)
  • Wulfgar (Mercenaries)
  • Gaite (Hospital)
  • Kuraenus (Dark School)
  • Anduin (Something to do with The Wise Ones)

So, before I start, I'd just like to point out that I vigorously opposed being put in charge... I'm not the leader type... But I was given no option, and tried to do my best regardless of my concerns about the decision...

We were briefed that we were to visit Stygia and meet with a Baron who had indicated that he wanted to open negotiations with and potentially ally himself more closely with The Protectorate. We were to offer our opinoins on the Baron, and on the state of his territories and mines within the area.

We arrived in the area, to find several groups of peasants, who were starving, and attacked us in an attempt to acquire food and resources. We fended off these attacks, and eventually arrived at an abandoned building, which was protected by a group of peculiar automatons, who proceeded to give us a fairly stout kicking. With these finished off, we sat down to relax for the night, expecting to go and find The Baron tomorrow.

Before long, a group of peasants arrived to beg for food and resources. These peasants seemed less hostile, and we gave them what we could spare, and milked them for information. We found out about a necromancer who lived on a hill nearby, that The Baron had mines which produced gems (we gained a sample fo these and sent it back for evaluation) That the nearby village of Stone Bridge had resorted to cannibalism in desperation, that The Baron has a Wyvern the size of a dog (or possibly a dog the size of a Wyvern...) and the directions to the Baron's residence.

The next morning, we woke up to an attack by gnolls and other creatures which we easily repelled.

We were also surprised by some Goblinoids, who had escaped from their life of slavery in The Baron's gem mines...

We set off in the direction of the Baron's residence, and tree shifted past a group of mushrooms which blocked the path. After an attempted mugging by some locals we came across one of the Baron's tax collectors, who was taking food and supplies from starving locals. We disapproved heavily of this, but were in no position to impose our own values, and as such had to do what we could to hide locals we came across his predations. There were no tears shed by the party when the tax collector was brutally murdered by a chap called something-or-other Frost from The Legion of The Moon who we'd never come across before, and who we suspected of being a Lycanthrope. Frost seemed friendly and particularly against the Illurians who had dropped a mountain on his head, which seemed to have annoyed him somewhat...

We beat our way through some more mushrooms (not as annoying as void bugs, but still aggravating!) and eventally came across a chap doing some kind of cooking show for locals... This was a bit weird...

Then we got to the Baron's residence, where his executioner was busy executing two of his men for seemingly petty crimes without a proper trial or resort to legal representation.

We then met with the Baron, who introduced us to his huntsman and other members of his retinue. I wasn't enormously impressed with him, and most of the party felt the same. He clearly had no real understanding of proper justice, and refused to distance himself from comments by his retinue regarding 'subhuman degenerates' who were used as slaves in his mines. He seemed comfortable with a necromancer living on his land, but was upset that this necromancer hadn't paid his taxes, and agreed to pay us to kill him.

Also, The Baron denied having either a Wyvern the size of a Dog or a Dog the size of a Wyvern... This was most disappointing...

Having agreed a price, we went off and killed the necromancer, who had some kid of horrible poisonous fog in his residence which gave us some trouble.

When we returned, and had dinner, we went out on a hunting trip with The Baron, to hunt a curious giant bird which had recently appeared on his lands, and which had been 'interfering' with his chickens. Before the hunt properly got started, it emerged that The Baron had been poisoned, and he fell dead after weakening. Attempts to resurrect him resulted in him dying again, and we were very suspicious about his retinue, and the strong possibility that we would be framed for the poisoning. As such, we hatched a cunning plan to tree-shift his body away, and then escape using more tree-shifts from out large contingent of Druids.

We did this, and escaped back to the abandoned lodge which we had inhabited on the Fireday night. Sadly we then discovered that we had, in our haste, left behind Kuraenus, who had been off skuking in the darkness somewhere...

We communicated with The Protectorate, sending them a sample of the poison, which was identified as 'Goodbane' - a poison which persists after death, and corrupts the good sphere, causing the victim to continue to be poisoned after they are resurrected. The Protectorate told us that they would send an antidote in the morning, and to hold on until then.

The next morning, just as our communicaiton box pinged, The Baron's retinue arrived, and proceeded to administer a good kicking, suspecting that we had been involved in The Baron's poisoning. We continued to try to explain the situation as we fended off their attacks, and eventually they agreed to give us a chance to prove ourselves. Gaite administered the antidote, and successfully resurrected The Baron who was grateful for our work. He agreed to return with us to his lodgings so we could get Kuraenus back.

When we arrived back, Kuraenus was being slowly and messily executed by The Baron's executioner, and we intervened and saved him. The Baron agreed to the individuals we suspected of his poisoning being tried by Protectorate courts so that he might get a better idea of proper judicial process, and we left back to The Protectorate.

Our Recommendations:

  • We do not recommend, at this time, that this province of Stygia be permitted to be a full part of The Protectorate due to the issues with The Baron's lack of understanding of judicial process, his use of slaves, his mistreatment of his people, and his poor attitude towards the heresy of necromancy.
  • We do not recommend, at this time, opening trade negotiations with this province, since the use of slavery to source goods could potentially be harmful to The Protectorate's image with out trading partners and enemies. HOWEVER, should The Baron be able to evidence that his slaves have been emancipated and are now willing and paid employess, and agree to regular unannounced inspection by Protectorate forces, then there is potential for a trade agreement in the future.

Jack Dawkins.

Mistwalkers/Thief Takers.