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Check, Mate - A Report by Kuranes

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5 Lupria, 8972 Ta

Source: Kuranes

it was a complete success I led the mission into Stygian lands. In the manner of kings I appointed a fool to pretend he was in charge in case of assassination attempts. On the first night I made 2 sacrifices to the lords of midnight. they accepted my gifts and granted me a boon. We were confused by all the talk, much had changed since we were banished. None remembered Lord Corwyn as I did. On the morning I preformed a flawless throat slit and bade the darkness consume the victims soul. it was good. I observed Muffy transform one of our group into a chicken thing. she is good we admire her a great deal. Throughout the day we travelled with difficulty through a infested forest until we found the stygian Bloody Baron. You have to admire the stygians fantastic people. We should be the stygian ambassador. as we travelled I met many peasants to each I granted shelter and food if they agree to become my creatures and I offered them shelter in Kuranes Towers in the protectorate, if they bow knee to me there master and saviour. I dark engulfed and weaknessed many enemies, it was good. The gates are now open and soon I will be rewarded for my service. i Liked the baron. I recommend we come to consider sigyans as friends. I manipulated him into giving us the necromancer that I had been tasked to kill. I was so awesome that I even got them to pay us for it. Ha.

 We spent some time telling the necromancer how much more evil I was that him, before butchering him and sending his soul to the darkness. during this, one of the barbarians pulled out his sausage from beneath his kilt and struck me on the eye. I demand compensation for this awful act he broke my prismatic glasses of seeing. I will accept dragons or a new set of magic glasses.  There was an internal assassination attempt by the stygians on the baron, I love the stygians wonderful people. I took this time to enjoy a cup of tea, but too my surprise my group abandoned me and fled with the barons body leaving me behind. I was tortured by the stygians all night. we demand compensation. I will accept a public flogging of the one called Jack who left me a loyal citicen of the protectorate to die, or a magic dagger.

but they did make a successful rescue the next day. where we established a good bond with the resurrected stygian baron. Lady castracia in her mercy returned to me that which was taken. I cannot out think this scorceress. as always it was not without a surprise. I hope one day I can meet her again. at least so I can stop looking over my shoulder.  I feel I should study necromancy for the protectorate, not practice it, obviously because that is illegal and wrong. but in order to combat this vial power we need to understand it. and I volunteer for this task. it may require that I have to connect with that dirty sphere, how terrible.

so in summary I volunteer to be the sygian ambassador. I also volunteer to be an official at the trial at the barons court. defence or  prosecution. We need to help these misunderstood people. There was no evidence of any slavery, that's just a rumour.

we are kuranes

may the darkness consume you

That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die