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60 Hour Anniversary Event - A report by Angel

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5 Lupria, 8972 Ta

Source: Angel

Time off in Freefall Manor

Ja. OK. So after a summer of various suicide missions I suggested to some ov ze auxiliaries in ze barracks zat maybe zey vould like to come over to Freefall Manor for some fun und games. I got qvite a crowd together including Nadgers, Loki, Anduin, Valeth, Snakebite, Strife, Farakeen und Twig. Vell, unfortunately things got out ov hand as zey usually do vith parties in Freefall. At least nobody can say zey got bored!

Anyvays. On ze first night ve are getting down to some serious drinking vhen some pirates show up with a treasure map saying zere is a secret location vith riches beyond your wildest imaginings. Ve chases zem off for ruining our evening but run into a few black trolls so ze evening is not totally ruined especially since ve haff some energetic auxiliaries who are good mit ze hacking und ze hewing. Ve investigate vhere ze trolls came from und zere seems to haff been a cave in in ze mines.

So maybe I hadn't told ze party everything about Freefall but I did tell zem not to go near ze standing stone bekause it eats little kiddies. Shame nobody told zat to ze legion soldiers guarding ze Manor. Some glowing spheres came floating out ov ze stone und attacked ze legionaries nearly killing one ov zem. Somehow we gets rid ov ze glowing orbs - mainly by beating on zem mit magik und shit. Oh yeah, watch out for zese zings bekause zey can learn from you und use it against you!

Finally we gets down to some serious drinking only to be informed zat Maeve Cresswood's brother Alfonsos has gone missing und as ze nearest team ov auxiliaries to ze incident ve are now on official Protektorate business. Fortunately my parties have a reputation und everybody has brought their finest outfits including full armour und enough power und magik items to invade Illuria.

So ze next morning bright und early ve sets off to find Alfonsos. We encounter a bunch of treasure hunters who after talking viz me decide to slit my throat…so ve disarm everybody, warn zem zat zey haff broken ze law und send Snakebite off to kill ze naughty man who has run away. So you see, Freefall Manor treats all peoples fairly und akording to ze laws ov ze Protectorate. All zese rumours about ze local Lord being a High Priest in some Evil Death Sect are fake news. In fact, I know for a fact zat ze local Lord works in ze Hospital whenever he has spare time…anyways, I digress.

We meet a few spiders zat haff grown really big bekause zere are so few people around to keep ze pests und wild beasties under kontrol und after dispatching zem come across a young woodsman called John. He complains zat zere are bandits nearby who are threating him so we goes to investigate, Ja!

So we find ze bandits und kill ze baddies but show mercy to a young Earth Wizard called Johannes. Zis poor chap has not eaten for days und has been sleeping rough. His wife was killed during ze Illurian occupation und like so many other local people has been trying to scrape by ever since. I tells him zat if he goes to ze Manor he will be fed und allowed to warm up in front ov ze big fire. I tell him to come und speak viz me later und if he wants to he kann stay und help make Freefall Manor an even better place. In fact zat evening viz help from Loki (who agrees to resurrect his wife) he agrees to stay. Maybe zis is ze start ov a new phase for Clearwater. In fact, I am planning to get ze Hospital to come to ze Manor und set up a small facility. Zis has nothing to do viz ze sexy nurses und their uniforms, zis is purely to keep ze local peoples healthy.

So ve keeps looking for zis Alfonsos person and soon ve encounter a group of Wizards from Karisen who are hunting down one of their wizards who has read from an illegal book und now zey need to make him forget ze memories ov ze book…by removing his head. Ve tell zem zat if zey don't get permission from Great Henge, zen zey will be breaking our laws by just killing peoples, which zey agree to do.

We zen meet a friendly gentlemen called Larry who is in disguise und I tell him how nice it is to meet him and how he doesn't vant to kick off because ve haff a bunch of heroes in our group. He zen touches himself und disappears.

Our next encounter is with a group of locals from ze outlawed group called ze Black Ivy. We kick off with a big invocation which makes ze fight a very short one. Immediately afterwards we meet a Necromancer from ze Cult ov Ze Severed Soul mit some undead und another short fight ensues. I start getting ze bad feeling zat ze Black Ivy are getting into bed viz some pretty bad folks in zeir desperation to annex Clearwater from ze Protectorate.

Immediately afterwards we run into ze headquarters ov ze Black Ivy where we kill ze big knob Darkroot and many ov his followers. Unfortunately his wife treeshifts out before we kann get close enough to her.

However, we still have not found Alfonsos so we head back to ze Manor for some rest and recuperation. While we are at ze Manor, Anduin gets told off by some bigjobs from his good temple for losing his way a bit but they teach him some priestly invocations anyway und Twig learns how to summon Earth elementals.

Zen we haff some really exciting visitors from ze mines. A Duergar king comes und asks vot all ze noise in ze mines was about. Fortunately ve haff Loki viz us and he tells zem about ze pirates und ze dark trolls und zey seem happy. Ze best bit is zat zey kontrol Valeth viz some mind kontrolling shit. Ve definitely need to invite zem around for some schnapps next time to find out how zey do zis.

Finally ve get news about Alfonsos. Some necromancer has got hold ov him and together viz a Hepath is in ze process ov changing ze past so zat he kann go und meet his hero, Seven Souls. OK. For some of you zis may need a little bit ov explaining. Seven Souls was a Forsaken, another name for one of ze demi-gods who we were running away from when we came to Idenia bringing a bit ov Eden viz us. In order for ze Necromancer to meet Seven Souls, everything we did, Moving to Idenia, blowing up ze Illurians, destroying ze Forsaken would have to be reversed…und zis is exactly vot happens und ve all get sucked into zis alternative reality.

Ze next twenty four hours we spend in a world where Necromancy is ze sphere ov choice, Illurians work as tax collectors, all our auxiliary friends think ve are bonkers and ze only way we can get out of it is to kill ze necromancer before he meets his hero Seven Souls. I won't give you too many details but a lot of auxiliaries died zat day (ze alternative reality ones) und Farakeen managed to kill ze Necromancer just before Seven Souls got to meet him which brought us back to ze real world.

We brought back ze body of Alfonsos with us and Maeve Cresswood had him sanctified und resurrected. She even held a big feast in our honour.

Ze next day before we all went home we had some trouble viz ze stone zat eats kiddies but I will write zis up in a different report. We also discovered somebody who had been looting an old Forsaken fort nearby und got mixed up viz some string golems und zeir leader Blaze. In ze end Blaze und his string golems tunnelled underground towards Enchantica und we all went back to Shadyvale haffing had a really fun time but needing a proper vakation. Maybe next time we will just stay in ze Angels & Demons, at least nobody is going to rip a whole pub out of ze ground and transfer it to some alternative dimension, heh?