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Nature's call - A report by Skelos

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Source: Skelos

Report by Sergeant Gummidge relating to the recent Dark Fey activity in Country Clearwater


It is with great satisfaction that I can report the successful stamping out of the recent Dark Fey activity in our district of Clearwater county. As you are aware, there had recently been a lot of dark Fey attacks, which had resulted in damage to property and a general decline in the local economy (Herbalists not trading, Woodcutters losing their equipment, Farmers’ crops being ruined). In some cases this had led to an exodus of peasant farmers from the area to seek alternative employment.

I am happy to report that encounters with the following creatures have completely stopped:

  • Dark sprites
  • Spriggans
  • Boggarts

In addition, the wildlife within the woods has calmed down and instances involving creatures such as poisonous spiders have returned to normal levels.

About the reinforcements!

Although a patrol was sent from Shadyvale to support the legion outpost here, this sorry band of drunks and social misfits did little more than turn up, drink rum, stumble into the woods and then turn up a few hours later wearing magic mushroom necklaces. To cap it all, they had to have their sorry backsides rescued by one of my junior scouts, Private Tomothy. I only include them in my report for two reasons:

  1. Their unofficial leader, Master Farakeen Al Aqua, reported that they had entered into the fairy realm. The reason for the increased instances of Dark Fey was due to an imbalance caused by a group of Mercenaries who had been trapped inside the realm. On releasing the mercenaries and sending them back to their world, the balance was restored making it harder for the Fey to enter our world. However, although Farakeem insisted that the group had been away for more than a day, they were away for only a few hours. Also, no mercenaries appeared in the area matching the description given by Farakeen.  – I consider myself a shrewd judge of character and do not know any reason for Farakeen to lie about such a thing. He was also carrying a lot of unusual equipment such as fairy dust and magical items. I therefore recommend that discreet follow-up investigations be made with Farakeen to validate his story.
  2. Before the patrol arrived at the outpost, they encountered some farmers on their way to the coast. At the time, it was unclear what had happened and the patrol’s report was very ambiguous other than that the farmers had attacked the patrol and had all been killed in retaliation. This morning, new recruit Dobby Parts encountered a survivor from that encounter, who insisted that the patrol had attacked the farmers without provocation. This is a very grave charge and so I sent for a priest to verify he was telling the truth. After the casting of the suitable invocation, we retested his story and I regret to inform you that the farmer was indeed telling the truth. Being a pragmatic person, I do not think that bringing murder charges against this group would serve any purpose. However, I would strongly recommend this group for any suicide missions the Protectorate may have in the near future. Given their general demeanour, they will probably survive anything thrown at them and the job might even get completed – definitely worth a try anyway!

In conclusion

I would like to commend the brave actions of New recruit Dobby Parts and propose that he be given the rank of Private. If you agree with my proposal, I would also suggest that we send Private Parts to Shadyvale for additional instruction and training. I am sure Private Parts will fit in with the other Privates there and they will rub along well together.

Finally, I would like to mention one last thing. Although the dark Fey have stopped appearing, many people have started to complain about strange nightmares. I feel almost foolish to mention this except that all the dreams seem to have a common theme.

The dreamer starts the dream feeling very happy because they have defeated the bogeyman. However, the feeling of satisfaction is replaced by a sense of foreboding as the dead bogeyman opens its eyes, crosses its arms and says in a low hiss, “Did you kill the bogeyman? My mummy is really, really upset with you. Wait ‘till she finds you…”


Sergeant Gummidge