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Shattered thoughts - A report by Broken

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Source: Broken

Mission Report – Shattered Minds (21-23/4/17)

Brief – To investigate and placate the individual that had become irate with interlopers at the travelling stone near Freefall Manor.

The mission was conducted by Broken, Sydion, Cydion, Rusalka, Uck, Uthvas Bethod, Blackadder, Solomon, Vaughan and Kinook

We arrived near Freefall Manor and took up residence at the nearby Inn which I think is called ‘Angels and Demons’. A group of Dumasians were also in residence.

We struck out into the darkness and were attacked by corrupted forest creatures. We located the travelling stone and made contact with MYRIAD, the hepath fragment that specialises in travelling. As we had met before we were able to calm him and offer our aid. He explained that LEGION (the hepath fragment that specialises in violence) had ‘shattered’ ABYSS (the hepath fragment that specialises in empathy) using knowledge gained by interrogating a captured victim. Myriad suggested that he locate the ‘bubble’ that Legion was holding this captive in and take us there in the morning. We agreed to remain in the area and await his return. Later that evening we were visited by SUNDRY (the hepath fragment that specialises in manipulation) and a wraith-like entity that we later learnt was a fragment of Legion (it turns out the ritual went a little wrong and he managed to shatter himself somehow (possibly through the actions of Sundry). Sundry had only come to gloat but left some of her ‘friends’ to entertain us before retiring for the night. One of the creatures was a Void Serpent; a fell being that used poisons. Once killed, we were able to extract a small number of doses of paralysis venom.

The following morning, Myriad duly appeared and accompanied us on our journey. Fighting our way through a multitude of corrupted animals we arrived at the travelling stone. As we approached we could see a female Mistwalker kneeling in supplication before the stone. A wraith-like being (presumably a part of Legion) appeared to be communicating with her. As we approached the Mistwalker attempted to flee but once apprehended denied any knowledge of what had just occurred. Around her neck was an unusual vial bearing the symbol of the void (though we realised this later). We released her and asked that she stay in the area until our return.

With Myriad’s aid, we travelled through the stone and were taken to an unknown place. Within this realm were a number of lost souls that included druids, necromancers and individuals that had been tortured to a state of madness. We were attacked by a plethora of void serpents, corrupted bandits and assorted wildlife. Ultimately we arrived at a hut where a man was sleeping on a mat by a fire pit. Waking him we learnt that he was a hepathologist (whose name I can’t recall) who had fallen foul of Legion when experimenting with his art. For time untold he had been subject to Legion’s persistent questioning and torture and was ready to end his tormented existence. His mind was clouded but he did inform us that he had written a book alongside his colleague Doctor Henry Walton. Legion had confiscated that book and had put it in a place of safety. He stated that Dr. Walton had headed into the Shifting Sands to continue his research but had never been seen again. With his agreement and consent, his soul was released from its suffering.

Following a group discussion (and a strange interlude where some lost souls turned up), Myriad suggested that the book that had been described was probably being kept by Legion’s ‘Magpie’, an ancient creature fuelled by shiny things and death magic. The magpie was said to be blind but had acute hearing.

Using the stone, we travelled to locate the Magpie. A few vermin disposed of we located her nest. Whilst many of the group made a horrendous amount of noise, Blackadder deftly retrieved the book and a couple of additional items of loot. He also spotted that the Magpie wore a brass key around its neck. We recognised this as one of the ‘hepath tokens’ and correctly suspected that it was Legion’s.

With the book in our possession we returned to Freefall Manor to decipher its contents. While attempting to do so, it became apparent that the Mistress of the House, The Dumasian High Priest  and the Mistwalker that we had encountered earlier all possessed [sic] vials on neckties. We had managed to ascertain that the book contained three rituals that allowed the caster to reform, repair and sunder a target vessel (iirc). Fortunately, the Dumasian High Priest had left when Legion’s apparition appeared and all hell broke loose.

We had managed to remove the vials from the Mistress of the House and the Mistwalker and, noting the symbol upon them, realised that these were two of the three aspects of Abyss. After some discussion we agreed that we would seek out the Dumasian base and attempt to retrieve the third vial.

With slightly tight sphincters we managed to con our way past the Dumasian guards (with the aid of Myriad leading the outlying patrols away from us) and approach the High Priest and his bodyguards. The High Priest was torturing a victim upon our arrival and whilst I made my introductions my compatriots enacted our plan to perfection. The Dumasians were either paralysed or placated and the vial was safely removed.

The beaten victim turned out to be Abyss’ almost empty shell. 

The Dumasians were healed of any wounds that may have occurred and all of their possessions were returned to them. Knowing their temperament and having wanted to risk only myself I sent the party back to base so that I could explain to them what we had done and why we had done it. I also told them to get tier shit together as their reputation was sinking to new lows after their recent behaviour. I suggested that if they wanted to make a complaint they should direct it to the College of Water. Special thanks to Sydion, Cydion and Uck for disobeying my request and watching my back. Cheers lads.

With the three vials in our possession, the shell of Abyss and the book of hepathology, we chose to perform the Reforming ritual. Solomon expertly took the lead in performing the ritual with the able assistance of Uthvas. Abyss disappeared and we were once again beset by void unpleasantness.

My anger was rising.  A raw fury burned behind my eyes. It was clouding by decisions and memory but through the mists I remember Vaughan recognising that something was amiss and calming me back to sensibility. I thank you and am proud to call you friend.

As I returned to myself, Myriad arrived with a reformed Abyss in tow. Reunited we sat and talked around the fire. We discussed the key that we had seen around the magpie’s neck and Myriad confirmed that this was indeed Legion’s. He added that Sundry either wore her own key or entrusted it to one of her more powerful Void Serpents. MANI (the hepath fragment that specialises in intelligence) had secured his within a devious puzzle box.

Being familiar with the Magpie’s location we asked Myriad to take us back to her nest the following morning so that we could attempt to retrieve it.

As planned we set out only to find the Magpie’s nest empty. Well, not entirely. It was the hiding place for a lost soul of a necromantic order or some description. As it wasn’t our primary goal, I left Kinook and Blackadder to deal with matters and we pressed on.

Several wildebeest later we located a fleeing Magpie and her young avian guards. Cydion and I fell during the final confrontation with the bird-crone but our loss was acceptable as we achieved our aim and took possession of Legion’s token.

Vaughan has taken charge of all related material.

I will be retiring to the Hospital for a period of contemplation so please forward any messages there.

By Broken


Special comments:

Sydion, your passion and singlemindedness is a true asset if properly targetted

Cydion, your steadfastness and relentlessness gives your companions courage

Rusalka, your eyes, ears and memory are second to none. Without you we would have been ill-informed and directionless.

Uck, your constant conversation is always a welcome distraction

Uthvas Bethod, always ready to help wherever and whenever needed. Truly a reliable companion.

 Blackadder, your bravery and rashness do you credit

Solomon, a solid companion that can always be relied upon to be wherever needed

Vaughan, without your wisdom, calmness and clarity we may not have made it

Kinook, your mage armours saved many lives…but you are very noisy