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Law and Disorder - A report by Angel

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4 Cygria, 8972 Ta

Source: Angel

So we just got back from busting our balls in the Oakwoods border and I am looking forward to a good time in the Angels & Demons when we get transported to the Brom Mountains by Loki’s Agent of Law, Raziel. By we, I mean:

  • Priest Rek of the Sanctum
  • Sorcerer Valeth of the University
  • Brother Jack of the Mistwalkers
  • Priestess Idrissa of the Druids
  • Hero of the Protectorate High Priest Farakeen of the Neutral sphere
  • Priest Westley, High Priest Greensleeves of the goody two shoes temple
  • Hero of the Protectorate, Paladin Loki
  • And of course, myself, High Priest Angel of the Sanctum

No sooner do we arrive in the underground caverns below the mountains than we get hit by wave after wave of chaos creatures. Apparently, some serious shit has gone down and the dwarves are getting massacred by Hepaths.

Eventually we catch up with a dwarf who leads us to the relative safety of an underground stronghold where we spend the night and try out some dwarf beer. In the morning, the chaos creatures swarm into the fortress shouting “he is coming”. Well we never find out who “he” is because we escape through the emergency exit and are taken by a Dwarf, Garnet, to the final outpost.

On the way to the outpost, we are intercepted by a Hepath who does a pretty good job of trying to wind up Loki. He mentions he has tortured Loki’s wife in his taunts but Loki does not even answer – Loki has gone up in my esteem even if he is a Lawful Good Paladin who doesn’t like gambling, getting so drunk he loses control, playing tricks on people, bending of the truth or in fact having any kind of fun. OK, so he is starting from a low base – I know. Me on the other hand, I catch the Hepath with a Mass Suspended Animation which doesn’t do him any harm but he does tell me that he thinks I am very clever. The Hepath eventually gives us some scrolls on what we have to do.

At the outpost, we translate all the scrolls only to discover that there is a node of power which looks like a portal which we need to get to. Again, we are chased out by chaos creatures. This time we end up meeting and defeating Urinal, an Agent of Law like Raziel but who has been turned to chaos.

Well we get to the node of power eventually after killing lots of hepaths, chaos creatures and dwarves converted to chaos. The portal is guarded by a metal creature which we kill only to discover it is Loki’s ex-wife who has been tortured and turned into some kind of Golem. Loki takes a couple of minutes to compose himself before storming through the portal with us following behind.

On the other side of the portal we find ourselves within a chaos node of power. We spend some time doing rituals which you wouldn’t understand because you aren’t an important high priest like me and we end up nearly blowing ourselves up…

Several hours later we wake up to find that the node of power has changed to a neutral node. Loki then does some more ritual stuff (it definitely wasn’t anything necromantic or anything, no, no, no, definitely not) and he gets his wife back in non-Golem mode.

And then we find ourselves transported back to the Keep in front of the Dwarven King and one of his retainers. For our troubles, the King gives us permission to try to negotiate trade talks with the Dwarves, a promise that he will get Loki’s name unbesmirched, a small roomful of gold and some dwarven beer which is now on sale in Angels & Demons.

OK - so who's coming to the Angels & Demons to try out this new beer. It is so strong that after half a pint Jack was pretending to be a slug on the floor. UP ZE BUM!!!!