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Foolish Fae - A report by Hod

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Source: Hod

So like this is a Acolyte Hod of the ancient way reportin about our mission to the fae Forest. With me was Hierophant Idrissa, Rat Boy, Jack Dawkins, and Big Ears. We also bumped into High Priest Ragnar who was leadin a different mission.  He can tell ye about that one.  We completed both missions with zero casualties. 

Our mission was to rescue a diplomat to the fae courts who had gone in there and then not turned up again. She was pregnant and her bloke was right worried about her. He was an Aeromancer so he teleported us in to where he had dropped her off himself. 

We met a witch in trainin who was called lady something or other.  She was sayin how the forest was going back to the old ways. And didn't seem happy about that. She gave us some potions so we didn't get lost in the forest.  She had been rescuin people lost in the forest so we said we'd sort out gettin em settled in the Protectorate. 

We met some enchanticans.  Seein as we is at war with them lot it was unsurprisin that they was hostile to us everytime we met them.   Some of em had been sniffin stuff called dust.  This stuff allowed you to cast a high level magic straight away but it turned out to be highly addictive and also made by killin people and suckin out their magical energy.  The more magic they was, the better the dust they made.  We found out this dustin is being done by a group callin themselves The Spire.  A guy called Malvick is their leader.   We got there at the right time, cos they had just dusted and jarred up all the big wigs of the Fey court like Titania an Oberon an all that.  

I reckon that they had much of the magic o' the fey forest itself in those jars cos we was told in briefin to not do magic sight cos the forest is so magic it'll burn your eyes out, but then Bigears did it anyway an didn't get hurt.  So the forest must be less magic I reckon.  I was quite disappointed I didnt get te say "I told yer so."

Also nature spirits can now be found in the forest, includin Dryads and natural undead called Wisps.  We was told te expect none of that.  Idrissa an I didn't get a chance to commune with the nature in the area but some druids should definitely go have a chat with em sometime. 

We met some fae but they was different to the description we had been given of them. They claimed to be the origninal inhabitants of the fae Forest that Oberon and Titania and all that lot had imprisoned in ancient times.  They was magical but it seemed te me more like an elf is magic than how an elemental is, if ye see what I mean.  They is organised into courts like the other lot,  but not according te their element, more like accordin te preference.  The courts were the Amythist, Emerald and Sapphire and then the rulin Diamond Court.  They seemed right backstabby and always lookin for advantages over each other.  We didnt meet the High king and Queen but we did meet their herald.

We met some of that Malice lot.  The fae had made a deal with them te get the trees stoppin the forest expandin chopped down.  I tried to convince the fey not te do more business with em cos they is well dodgy.  Not sure if it will work.   

We made our own deal with the herald.  We smashed up the dustin laboratory an gave them the dust of the other fey lot for them to destroy, but I reckon the high king and queen is gonna stick them up on their mantlepiece instead.  Best place for it - it's dangerous stuff.  We didnt find Malvick.   In exchange for that job we got our diplomat back off the enchanticans, who was bein swapped for a captured hissard.  Lot of interest in the Hissard recently.  I'm pleased te say the diplomat's wee baby was born red faced, squeelin and lanky like human babies are supposed ter be. 

We also met a hepathic creature called The Book but as I said Ragnar knows more about that.