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Open warfare

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Source: The Heralds Guild

The Darklands Ambassador has advised us that the Southern, South-Eastern and Eastern regions of the Haunted Lands are now covered by small battles and skirmishes between the following groups: The Guardians group that left the Haunted Hills a while ago, the Mercenaries under the command of General Arcturo Tyberius of the Western League from the Iron League, hundreds of Undead and Necromancers thought to be from the Haunted Lands and hardcore members of the Cult of the Severed Soul as well as forces of the High Pyromancer that were last seen in the North-east of Enchantica over a month ago. A report received this morning also indicates Drow from at least two Houses and dozens of what seem to be Darklanders bearing the markings of the Dark Temple have moved to join in what can only be described as a free-for-all in the Haunted Lands and the indications are this will spill over into North-west and Northern Stygia - possibly even the neutral zone around the Haunted Hills - very soon. All Protectorate activities or travel anywhere NEAR these area's have been suspended for the forseeable future.