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Neutral zone

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Source: The Heralds Guild

We are now been able to confirm that the Guardians have moved forces into the Eastern and North-Eastern sections of the area known as the 'Neutral Zone' (the exclusion/neutral buffer area surrounding the Haunted Hills on all sides). These forces contain several hundred Protected group members, a few dozen Guardian Warriors and a half-dozen Guardian Lords. Hostilities have already commenced between these forces and several groups of the multiple factions currently embroiled in perdiodic combat within the Haunted Lands and Northern Stygia. The Guardians indicate they are putting down a "threat to our territory" and only wish to ensure their domain remains clear of these many warring factions in the Darklands. In associated news, the Pale Duke has declared he is beginning to mass forces of his own to ensure the borders to the rest of "his lands" remain clear of this fighting. Already we have reports of troops loyal to him on the North-Eastern border of the Haunted Lands and Eastern border of Stygia.