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Arcane Magic

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10 Falenari, 8966 Ta

Source: The Unseen University

To all practitioners of Magic within the Protectorate: As of midnight two days ago, all Sorcerers capable of casting the highest level of Arcane Magic have reported they cannot access the mana flow that surrounds our world when they try to do so. We have already confirmed with our colleagues in Enchantica, Oakwoods, the Iron League and the Darklands that they are suffering from the same problem. It only seem to affect the highest level of Arcane magic at this time. Any reliable news on the source of the phenomenon is urgently sought, as is the whereabouts of Puddle Greenbark, ex-head of the Water College of the Unseen University from Deepfell. Brevic Greatsheaf, Unseen University Liaison, Protectorate branch.