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Death of a Nation

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Source: The Heralds Guild

It is with heavy hearts and sombre countenance we bring you this horrific news: The Unified States is no more. Hundreds of Dwarves, our allies, have been trickling into Talltree's, Great-Henge and Hopton Dale over the last few weeks. All bear grim news and woeful tidings. As far as any of them are aware, only the Provinces of Iron Mountain and Hammer Isle seem to be relatively intact. The Hollow Hills has totally succumbed to invaders from the Under-realms, High Crags was last reported cut off, surrounded by Duergar and their allies and under a siege that had already broken the outer walls of the fortress-city of Gushing Falls, the Sapphire Hills was struck by earth-quakes and a volcanic eruption and the Twinned Peaks were silent. Only corpses and marauding Goblinoids had been seen near the settlements there. The Protectorate will do it's best to re-house all the refugee's and is preparing to send forays into the Unified States territories at the earliest opportunity to search for more survivors. The Mayor of Hopton has already declared their sturdier kin-folk to be most welcome and has prepared a "really really big pie" for the Dwarven rulers who have survived. Our thoughts go with the survivors.