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Source: The Secret Service

The High Pyromancer has been slain! Agents of the Secret Service have been working for some time to find an effective weapon against this powerful foe, and thanks to some Auxiliaries who assisted in this matter during the summer, we recovered one! This morning the High Pyromancer was ambushed as he was preparing to push forward into Deepfell through a cordon of Stygian border guards. Three of the Secret Service, 4, 7 and 9, approached him disguised as Enchantican Sorcerers and unleashed our secret weapon on him - Concentrated Dragons-fire! With the loss of Wizardy and Sorcery magic, even his inherent defences and resistance to fire were no match and he was blasted to a charred corpse in seconds. Sadly, 4 and 9 were killed by his guards very shortly afterwards, but 7 escaped to bring us the news and his melted Arcane Focus and Wand as proof of the deed. Already his forces are under heavy attack from Stygians and Knights of the Forked Lightning who had been waiting for the assassination attempt and are expected to break up and flee within the next 24 to 48 hours! A victory for the Protectorate!