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10 Grusaba, 8966 Ta

Source: The Circle of Llolth

Yesterday, the Circle of Lolth made an unprecedented decision: Two Houses of the Drow Nation have been sundered, with what few members of each that remain being absorbed by other Houses. House Asruvail - known as Daybane, has been declared forfeit to the Will of Lolth due to crimes against the Drow Nation. House Chagra - known as Dark warning, has been reduced to bands of mercenaries, thus accorded the third lowest station amongst the Drow peoples, which is one step above Zarx and two steps above Slave. Their reduction was due to great losses and not having the Standing to represent themselves at Parliament in any strength since the end of Summer. The current seven Houses of the Drow Nation are listed below in ascending order. House Valderain - known as Dayblight House Kuvadra - known as Darklaw House Natothin - known as Bloodpool House Elservs - known as Darkened magic House Sharve - known as Honourblade House Durature - known as Ancient blood House Malagon - known as Mindseye Houses Elservs and Durature have risen, whilst Malagon has fallen. Xurian Bloodvesper, third hand of the Dark Council.