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Our world

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Source: The Heralds Guild

...has changed. The wall of mist surrounds what has now become of our 'world' and only glimpses can be made through it. What all Countries report is that, outside the circumference of what the Alliance termed their "great casting", is an endless ocean. Nothing can be seen closer than ten miles away except the sea on all sides. Cartographers and scholars of every surviving nation are putting together a map of what is left of Eden's Enclosed Lands but it may take a little while to produce and circulate. In the meantime we can confirm that the lands of the following Nations are... simply no longer there: The Unified States The Dreamlands The Shadowsfell (a small Isle just inside the circumference of the wall of mist hardly constitutes a country now) Further more, the Eastern areas of the Iron League, Oakwoods and Darklands have had Provinces disappear or be cut in two by the wall of mist. Enchantica has lost two Provinces and the West Witcheries is also divided by the wall of mist. Part of Talltrees in the Protectorate is no longer there, as is the Southern Coastal section of Clearwater, now totally leaving the remains of the Province under Illurian control at this time. Any information is urgently sought as the Alliance have admitted this was not what they had intended or expected when they attempted to destroy the dark powers plaguing our lands.