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Alignment of the Spheres

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11 Lupria, 8967 Ta

Source: The Wise Ones, Hand of Good and the Dark Temple

Over the past few moons since the strange and terrible events at the Solstice celebration, we have noticed certain difficulties with those of our acolytes and priests seeking to bridge the transition in their learning, from lay power to ritual and from ritual power to cosmic. We have, after some meditation on the matter, discovered that wherever we are now, we seem to be slightly out of alignment with our respective spheres. Normally this would not interfere with us drawing upon the spheres with our full strength. Yet for those who seek to learn the next step in their secular progression - be it a transition from the abilities of an acolyte to those of a priest or from priest to high priest - we encountered a problem: Whether it is a matter of the new constellations, the different phases of a strange moon or the ley-lines of the land being spiritually afire, we know not as it seems there is no one reason. Therefore we recently sent some acolytes and priests out into the field to realign some of our people to their Aspects and Spheres, as they would require the next steps of their progression soon - they were ideal candidates - and we are very pleased to report that the attunement process was a complete success. Let it be known to all acolytes and Priests who wish this training will be shown how to do so in due course. Samuel Brock, administrator for the Wise Ones, Lissa the Blessed, administrator for the Hand of Good and The 'Black Bishop', administrator for the Dark Temple.