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Change in Enchantica

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Source: The Heralds Guild

Since the weekend just gone, we have been receiving a lot of reports of Fey creatures known as Seelie and Unseelie literally 'appearing' throughout the Fairie Forest in Enchantica, with perhaps hundreds of other Fey beings also literally 'appearing' throughout the area. After some hasty investigations and managing to speak to a member of the University from Magma, we can confirm the following: The Fey 'invasion' is the direct result of the Fey realm merging with the Fairie Forest at midday two days ago - caused by a sundering of the mystical wall that held their dimension separate to our world (and has always been linked to the Fairie Forest). Queen Titania, once ruled of that Province, has returned after five years of absence and a "new" King Oberon has been found. However, the Fey COurt is split in two; one being the Day Court run by Seelie under the orders of Queen Titania and the other being the Night Court, run by Unseelie according to the whim of Queen Mab. More news will be forthcoming as we can verify it, but for now the area is to be referred to as "The Fey Forest". The Heralds Guild.