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Past massacre

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Source: The Heralds Guild

After recent reports of massacres in Darkwater, Shadyvale Keep authorities have re-examined the site of a massacre that occurred some three moons ago. The incident occurred a league and a half from the main North-Eastern trade route to the Oakwoods Republic in an abandoned crofting hamlet. At the time it was assumed that the depredations that occurred there were the result of an Illurian led scouting group due to Hobgoblin spoor found in the vicinity. The bodies were mangled beyond recognition to the extent that not even race could be easily determined and it was assumed they were all Human. At the time it was decided that news of this was to be suppressed in order to prevent unnecessary panic both by local residents and in terms of trade. Patrols have since been tightened along the route and in outlying regions. Since the recent massacres in Darkwater are so different in nature to the one at the croft it was decided to re-examine the remains. Looking again at reports of the condition of the remains it was found that this was a previously missing Dwarven trade envoy from Shatterhold in the Iron League. As before, the remains were un resurrectable; nor was any communication with their spirits possible. Meditation upon the site was made by members of the Wise Ones who discovered that it was an area where torture had taken place, lasting over a week – however no further information could be discerned, despite additional post mortem investigations by the Dark Temple and assistance from the Hand of Good. Neither could any link between the torture and the bodies discovered there, be made. “It is as if the very place has been scoured of information and past.” Given the unexplained nature of the incident - that it seems something or someone has deliberately and thoroughly removed almost all traces of the crime - we are at a loss to conclude what occurred there and why such lengths were taken to 'disguise' the bodies of the slain. Diplomatic enquiries have been made and have returned denial of any involvement by the sovereign states, rulers and ahencies of the “Isle of Eden”. We would ask that all members of the Protectorate on patrol at home or abroad be mindful of any similar incidents and to be prompt in reporting them. The Heralds Guild