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Darkest day

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11 Cantria, 8967 Ta

Source: Lords Council

To all the citizens of the Protectorate: It has now turned out recent events in Darkwater and the massive troop movements in the Darklands are inexplicably linked. Yesterday morning, a combined force of over two thousand Drow, their creatures, Undead, Mercenaries, Darklands troops, elite units from the Dark Templars, Hounds of War, the Chosen of the Howling Doom and a combined force of Fell Knights and sell-swords from the Splintered Lands met in battle with approximately two hundred Illurians and sixty or so Bugbears, Hobgoblins and Black Orcs at the Southern edge of the Chaos Crater, which borders with the North-Eastern region of the recently re-formed Province of Necrus. By early evening the battle was over; all the Illurians and their creatures were slain to a man, whilst the Darklands forces fared little better than ours did at the Battle of Clearwater, with casualties at about sixty per cent. The Pale Duke had clearly expected high losses, although it appears the Drow did not and now over four hundred more Darklands troops and Veterans of the Blackened Marches battles have now marched to join the remaining forces in the area. They were all annihilated with the forces under the control of the Spider Lord going into full route, with bare three score survivors reaching the relative safety of Necrus at approximately midnight last night/this morning when utter darkness descended across the ENTIRE area of the Chaos Crater for one full hour either side of the Witching hour. A massive contingent of over five hundred unknown enemies marched out of this pitch darkness and into the camps of the Pale Dukes and Spider Lords forces shortly thereafter, causing the afore-mentioned annihilation of near both groups. All Provinces of every Country are now on high alert to this new threat: Illuria has returned.