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Spiritual contact

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11 Grusaba, 8967 Ta

Source: The Wise Ones

As our large Island now passes the continent of Havdan upon the Ocean of this world, Idenia, we have had some greater contact with their main spiritual organisation; The Triumverate. Made up of equal groups of Priests that worship the Good, Neutral and Evil Spheres in their known forms upon this world, they have been in discussions with the main Temples here in the Protectorate, as well as sending delegates to the Pale Duke, Spiderlord (this meeting was cancelled we believe), Magma (their delegation was refused access to Enchantica by the Fey Courts), Commerce in the Iron League and Deepfern in the Oakwoods. We already know they are perplexed about the "disappearance" of the Dreamlands so are working closely with the Hand of Good in Great-henge but have recently withdrawn their emissaries from the Oakwoods. It is our hope we can come to a greater understanding of each others ways and form an 'alliance' of sorts to aid each others in these strange and unbalanced times. If encountered, the Priests of the Triumverate will always travel in three's, with each major Sphere represented by one of the trio present. Please afford them the usual courtesies of foreign dignitaries if met in our borders. Stonewall, Head of the Wise Ones.