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Price increases

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Source: The Merchant Adventurers

Greetings everyone! Happy Solstice to you all! Sadly, we have some news to bring you about our current economic situation; that many Guilds and Sponsors are feeling the pinch and need to recoup monetary losses incurred since the counterfeit money debacle and fiscal issues being suffered by the Iron League. The other Guilds and Sponsors that this currently affects have agreed we should speak of their statements on their behalf, which are: The Wise Ones, Hand of Good, Dark Temple, Ancient Way. Sacred Heart and Sanctum are increasing their Alchemical Potion and Ink prices by 10% from the first day of the New Year. The Mist Walkers are increasing the cost of their Herbal Potions by 10% and Elixirs by 20% as of the first day of the New Year. The Merchant Adventurers are raising all basic prices for all products y 10% as of the first day of the New Year. William De Livre Vice-Magnate.