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Stygia surrenders!

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12 Vultria, 8968 Ta

Source: Shadyvale Keep

Three days ago, on the cusp of midnight, the Dark Lord of Stygia, with the Lord of Crows in attendance, formally surrendered to the advance force of Illurians that had begun marching down into the Northern region of his Province. We can only guess that he has been in communications with the Illurian Herald who was sighted on their Western border the day before by a pair of Rangers currently patrolling the Southern Neutral zone around New Spring. This formal surrender now leaves a clear avenue of approach for enemy forces right to our Northern border and also leaves concerns the Stygians may try to curry favour by 'allying' themselves to the Illurian forces in that area of the Darklands. We have yet to receive word of what the Pale Duke thinks of this development, but considering his current military status, it is unlikely he sanctioned this move. All Auxiliaries have been re-assigned as Corwyn's Legion and all other military assets have been mobilised to move North where possible. The Dark Temple has confirmed Sir Azran and the mixed force he joint commands have taken up a defensive position at Blackskar Pass at Skarview Mount, which is a major route the Illurians would need to take to quickly travel down to us. We hope that additional forces can move to join them in time, but this is not likely. Weston Ward, administrator Shadyvale Keep.