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Corporal Delco to be Court Martialed!

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25 Lepria, 8972 Ta

Source: Shadyvale Keep

Following the deaths of a number of civilians which resulted from the recent Protectorate Peacekeeping mission to The Oakwoods, Corporal Delco (the Legion representative in charge of the mission) is to be court martialled.
Others who participated in the mission speak highly of Corporal Delco's leadership, and a source who requested not to be named insisted that civilian deaths and the loss of one of the Trees of Life in the area which protect The Dark Sun were not a result of any failure in Delco's Leadership, but a result of a chaotic and difficult environment created by a dangerous Hepath which could not have been predicted in any other way.
The Legion has released a statement, saying "Corporal Delco's Court Martial is a normal part of Legion protocol where the deaths of Civilians occur, and seeks to establish responsibility for the incident, and whether anything could have been done to prevent the deaths. Corporal Delco has a remarkable service record, and The Legion would like to stress that he is not under arrest, and is free to come and go without hindrance until the date of his hearing, which is set to take place on 20th Vultria."