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Guild book - Seasonal Sects

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Guild book - Seasonal Sects

Postby Dave M » Tue Jun 17, 2014 8:47 pm

Hi gang, I just wrote these descriptions for the circle of greatwoods sects in line with the reorganised Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter invocation lists in the Power Book. This is as yet unseen by anybody. Any comments/changes/glaring problems would be really appreciated. I just made up the Grove names (I couldn't remember the names of the darkened/lightened aspect ones) comments?

The Grove of Bloom
This sect represents those dedicated to the season of spring and the beginning of the cycle of life. Encouraged to be open and inquisitive, their members are generally quite widely spread, only occasionally gathering at the Grove of Bloom in times of crisis. They take an active role in finding those suitable to begin their journey of discovery into the mysteries of Nature. Members of the Grove of Bloom cast invocations from the Spring list.

The Grove of Verdure
This sect represents those dedicated to the season of summer and the abundance of nature in times of plenty. the Grove of Verdure has the links with communities outside of the groves, particularly in less accessible areas of the Protectorate where people live in relative harmony with nature. Members of the Grove of Verdure cast invocations from the Summer list.

The Grove of Ochre
This sect represents those dedicated to the season of autumn and the reaching of maturity. They take responsibility of the training and education of those who come to the groves seeking wisdom. Members of the Grove of Ochre are keen to gather and debate and thus they are the most active Grove politically. Their members are more likely to be seen in Shadyvale and Deepfell than members of the other Groves. Members of the Grove of Ochre cast invocations from the Autumn list.

The Grove of Pine
This sect represents those dedicated to the season of winter and the harsh struggle for survival. The Grove of Pine is mistrustful of the majority of organisations within the Protectorate who time and again put the short term needs of civilisation above that of Nature. Members of the Grove of Pine cast invocations from the Winter list.
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Re: Guild book - Seasonal Sects

Postby AnthonyK » Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:15 am

I like them, I like the way you've tied in things like spring grove going out and finding new people for the groves etc.

the grove hasn't been traditionally political but its growing I'd switch the Grove of Ochre to highlight that its members often take a stewardship role in the groves and with its growth are starting to be active in the council and political arena

I'd also tweak Pine to be short term needs over survival?
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