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Restrictions with multiple spheres

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Restrictions with multiple spheres

Postby m!g » Thu Nov 13, 2014 9:47 pm

A number of priests have access to 2 (or more) spheres. However, two things have been bugging me:
1) If you are invoked in (say) the Evil sphere, are you still able to cast from the Neutral sphere?
2) If you have an Evil Talisman, do you take casting damage when casting Rank 1-4 Neutral invocations?

I have heard different answers from other players, so it would be good to get this straightened out.
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Re: Restrictions with multiple spheres

Postby Trebor » Thu Nov 13, 2014 10:12 pm

1) I'm pretty sure it states somewhere in the rules that when invoked you can't cast any other sphere. This is definitely how Farakeen and Rek have always played it and I think that this is how it should be.

2) Nore about this one - As the rules are currently written a talisman reduces casting damage when casting any invocation so the answer would be yes it reduces casting damage. However I like the idea that it doesn't foe any sphere other than the one you case ritual in, so happy for this to be changed...
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Re: Restrictions with multiple spheres

Postby m!g » Sat Nov 15, 2014 10:53 am

So based on 20+ year rules (which is always dangerous)
1) I role play that you can't cast from another sphere when invoked...but the rules I have don't stipulate this.
2) The second rule was a new one on me. I am not sure about it, because then theoretically you would need to store more power in your body to cast your 2nd sphere - battleboards are complicated enough aren't they? It would also bring into question the rules on a Focus as well - would a Focus only prevent damage from casting in your primary colour?
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Re: Restrictions with multiple spheres

Postby AnthonyK » Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:09 pm

Under the Talisman and Cosmic talisman sections of the power book it states
"Each Talisman is crafted specifically for a priest and will not work for another and it is also specifically constructed for a single sphere and will not channel power for invocations form another sphere."
So no casting damage from the sphere the talisman is crafted for but not for others.

In the Invoke Sphere invocation the restriction states
"Restrictions: Cannot cast invocations of any other spheres whilst in effect."
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Re: Restrictions with multiple spheres

Postby Jem » Mon Nov 17, 2014 9:19 pm

Invoke is an active invocation - so if you really really need to cast that Neutral Invocation - you can always drop (release) the invoke to do so...
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