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August Thanks

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August Thanks

Postby m!g » Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:19 pm

Thank you Ruth, Dave and Katie for an amazing event! Also, well done to the monsters for being everywhere at once while setting up, taking down and keeping up with our efforts to completely re-write the plot options

Highs for me were:
* Party; "Remind me why we are going to this pocket plane where Enchantica has sent all it's prisoners for the last 1,000 years?" Eich; "We're just doing a bit of tourism. Consider it a bit of an exotic holiday! You should feel honoured that I asked you to come with me."
* All the really exotic local Fauna and being eaten by the enormous sand worms
* The Air sorceress at the top of the ancient tower - along with real lightning, thunder and torrential downpour.
* Valeth's face when he realised how little magic there was - and his face when he was given a crank.
* Katie's creepy "lost lady" - I'm going to have nightmares
* Snakebite collecting over thirty Sypher sacks - how many monsters were there again?
* Ashley's Glitchy Golem 19 and the rolling monster attacks.
* A very effective fighting party
* Hideous decisions to make with the lives of thousands resting on those decisions
* The caravan set up, the font, the ward mechanisms, the purple "cloud" and all the other awesome props
* The final fight - truly epic
*...and many more but my favourite "Time freeze, death blow, time freeze"

* Drake "Hold my mace!" Next person "Hold Drake's mace". Next person "Hold Drake's mace"....Final person "I'll guard the entrance to the tower and look after all the stuff". Drake at top of tower "Where's my mace????"
* Papier machee battleboards

Now to finally get some sleep :-)
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