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October Game Thanks

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October Game Thanks

Postby Gavin » Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:03 pm

Hi all!

I just wanted to thank everyone for such a fantastic weekend. If you only get 1 game per year, it should be like this...

Andy - very nicely pitched game, with some highly memorable moments.... Sometimes it is nice to have a game where you head through, feeling challenged but not necessarily threatened. Other times, it is great to feel like the party is on a knife edge of survival and that every single next encounter could roll over the party. This was one of the second type, and it was great...and even then, only 2 deaths. Well pitched indeed.

Thank you monster crew. Amazing throughout, with standout individual performances as quality NPCs, such as:
- the 2 vampire lords who were so persuasive that they managed to get the party to give them blood even without a beguile or hypnotism...
-the Jailor, who did such an enthusiastic invoke that we all decided he was obviously popping off some sort of R10 Reaper invocation THAT WOULD KILL US ALL!!!
-the Butcher - loads of fun (but not so tough without your cleavers, huh?)
-The ritualist's bones-to-dust. Eek!. Urk.

Best fights? Hard to call. "Watching" Sweatpea take on the entire ritual team single handed was fun. The "3-part" defence in the second room was great too. And extracting vengeance for the bones to dust and the Sever was a great chance to let Strife channel his big brother Balgor (although at least I remembered to cast before charging the SECOND time...) :roll:

Sqouogres. A truly unique experience. Equal parts frustrating (My invoke is running down. move NOW beer stop LATER!!!), hysterical (evil power hammer? Sure. And yes I'd love to use your power steal amulet...), disconcerting (yes, to do a dispel you just rub D'ARP enthusiastically up and down...eww...) and rewarding when we all got it together. Strife would happily come out with you again and would have a blast. But will never admit it on pain of pain inflicted to anyone who suggested that.
Ursus. It's like having an impatient, precocious teenager with a chainsaw and a temper. The way you did the "Aww, MUM!!" style rolling of the head when I explained why the Dark Paladins thought your chances of advancing further in their order were...slim....nearly had me breaking out of character to p**s myself laughing. :) And next time you hit the skeletal warrior with a power weapon (again) you're on your own.
Windwalker. Gutting. Great to bounce off as always...I WAS in charge though ;). And then got upstaged anyway. Long tales will be told around the campfires of the great Hero Windwalker and his many exploits.

Worst moment? (But not really) - seeing the undead second wave coming to join the broken ones and going "This is going to take a while...or possibly not long at all..."

Thanks all. Solstice is looking increasingly unlikely but you never know...I'll see you when I see you, and look forward to it until then.

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Re: October Game Thanks

Postby Dave M » Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:06 pm

No! come to solstice gavin!
Dave M
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Re: October Game Thanks

Postby Bleh » Sat Nov 04, 2017 12:00 pm

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for an amazingly warm welcome (i'll be back!). This was my first introduction to the group, and also LARP in general. I thoroughly enjoyed myself while also learning some important lessons for the future:

  • I need to improve my fitness for next time
  • Zombies aren't abidextrous (sorry)
  • Glasses don't fit well under monster masks

Thanks again for such an amazing day.

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