Heroes and Heroines Live Action Roleplay (Larp/LRP)

A UK Live Roleplaying Group Based in The West Midlands

Succession or Failure

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Thu 10 Jun - Thu 12 Aug 2021

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When a landowner dies without direct heirs, by Protectorate law the property falls into the care of the Guild of which they were a member.  So it is that the power of the Guilds has grown over time. 

Occasionally however complications arise, for example when an heir thought lost is resurrected and returns to claim their birthright.   Such cases are investigated by Mistwalkers of the Thieftakers and the evidence presented to the Halls of Power for judgement. 

But what if the investigator goes missing in strange curcumstances?  Time to call in the Auxiliaries to kick the hornet's nest and find out what's really going on. 

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