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Auxiliaries and the Guilds

Many of the most important organisations within the Protectorate are guilds.  To become a member of a primary guild is to be provided with security, training, a job for life, and status within society.  

Trainee Auxiliaries are of great interest to the guilds.  This curious military unit of problem solvers, oddballs and misfits has historically produced exceptional individuals who go on to lead dazzling, if occasionally rather short careers.  Most unguilded auxiliaries are quickly 'snapped up' by one of the primary guilds.  Those who do not fit in, for whatever reason, will most likely find themselves in one of the secondary guilds.   Very few remain unguilded - a hard path to follow, as the unguilded must pay for all their training themselves.


​​​​Updated information on individual guilds to be added soon

There are 8 Guilds within the Protectorate, each one with representatives on the ruling council.  Very often it is one of the Guilds which sponsor a mission for the Auxiliaries.


Latest Guild News (08/21)

Guild Status News Resources (note: Auxilliaries must hand in all resources at the end of the event, players must provide their own phys reps)
Corwyn's Legion Normal Following the example of Emerald Empire trainers, Legion units are being encouraged to develop individual tea ceremonies to reinforce coherency and maximise moral fibre. As an outlet for individuality in an organisation that otherwise rewards uniformity, competition has quickly become fierce between officers of legion units to create the most elaborate rituals.
Strangely the spiritual tea itself seems to respond to the sincerity of the participants. Younger Legion officers have even started experimenting with rare-teas that are chilled rather than heated to the precise temperature's proscribed by Emerald Empire trainers. (OOC for obvious reasons younger club members are not expected to handle boiling hot liquids)

1xrestorative tea (5min ritual 48 life to all active participants) 

The Fellowship Waxing The fellowship's bodyguard income is starting to recover now that trade with other nations is commencing. Bloodsports run by Axebearers continue to be a popular antidote to the nightmarish dreams that continue to plague the enclosed lands particularly harshly. Recent and lucrative employment by the Ai'Chen Ar'caologists of Chen'hai providing transport and escort for people and equipment from Port Al Aqua in the Southwest across the country to the Haunted Hills in the North has swelled Fellowship coffers. 3xpoulitices 12 life, Loan of Sharpening stone (5 minutes sharpening weapon - next 8 blows do +1 rank of physical damage - 10 uses, item must not be ensorcelled or empowered)
The Mistwalkers Waxing The Mistwalkers suffered a few public setbacks a short while ago - Following the disappearance and death of one mistwalker, an Auxillary Pipsqueek was abducted from within the Protectorate. Efforts to keep the news of this quiet were stymied by a loose lipped member of the rescue team just prior to his departure, meaning that if the mission was unsuccessful the Mistwalker's reputation for looking after their own would have suffered.
Fortunately the rescue mission lead by young but exceddingly talented Mistwalker Piper not only returned Pipsqueek intact, but even profited due to a combination of shrewed negociating and large sums of "booty" acquired from a variety of piratical foes. The Mistwalkers fortunes have thus been quickly reversed.
3xrank 0-4 potions, 10 more ranks of potions
Pyramid of Light Normal As a result of a recent Auxillary misison to the Darksun, large numbers of undead were slain, briefly freeing up resources that the anti undead sect, The Divine Light used to perform a separate surgical strike on a Vampire Lord in the area that had been causing problems for a while. In addition a temporary alliance with the Halls of Power have deadened the momentum that had given the Dark Sanctum free reign politically.
After a recent Auxiliray mission in which a Necronium weapon was acquired, and then allowed to fall into the hands of another the Pyramid of Light has issued a reward of 10 dragons per pound of Necronium recovered in raw or processed form. Note: Necronium can be identified by the feeling of sadness and self loathing it promotes in those in close proximity to it.
3x rank 4 scrolls
Halls of Power Waning Ancient Way members have been particularly concerned about the arrival of groups of Ai'Chen Ar'Kae'Ologists planning an expedition into the Haunted Hills. Unfortunately the Halls of Power have been unable to find sufficent support to stopping this expedition, finding themselves in direct opposition with the University who are keen to gather greater knowledge of the ancient powers that rest there. none
Dark Sanctum Normal Sightings of Illurians in command of groups of brigands, and rumours of something shady in the mass ressurrcection process of ressurecting have put a dampener on the Dark Sanctum's great success story in Clearwater. Meanwhile, the Pyramid of Light seems to be finally recovering from the setbacks of recent months and in temporary alliance with the Halls of Power have deadened the momentum that had given the Dark Sanctum free reign politically. On the other hand Priest Strife recently lead a successful mission to the Dark Sun which none could deny. 3x rank 4 scrolls
The Groves Normal With the interception of arcane teleports by Enchantica in decline, the Groves can no longer demand such an advantage on the commodity of Tree Shifts. As the political upheaval within the guilds has stabilised the confusion caused to the other guild's by the Grove's changing seasonal administration has also reduced. This is not to say the Groves is doing badly. 3x rank 4 scrolls
The University Waxing Mage Marius received mention in a recent council meeting for his excellent report on the recent Auxiliary mission to the Darksun, as well as helping foster good relations between The University and the Aichen who are keen to explore the Haunted Hills, despite the protestations of the Halls of Power.
In addition Enchantican interferrence in Arcane Teleports seems to be reducing in frequency, perhaps indicating the continued instability of Enchantica from which news is scattered. The recent rescue mission made use of a University teleport beacon on board the Protectorate flagship, and The University has received some of the reflected glory of this success..
Wizard Neville has been put in charge of ensuring the University grows this lucrative relationship with one of our closest allies and has been placed alongside a group of lower ranked Auxilaries accompanying the expedition in order to ensure its success.
1 long durational mage armour, 3xlevel 4 scrolls, 1xhigh level scroll